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Gyo Fujikawa was born in Berkeley, California, to Japanese parents, Hikozo and Yu Fujikawa. The masculine name, Gyo (pronounced with one syllable), is after a Chinese emperor her father admired.
Gyo Fujikawa received a scholarship to attend Chouinard Art Institute and was on the faculty from 1933-39.[5][6] She worked for the Walt Disney Company in California as a promotional artist, before moving to New York in 1941. From 1943-51 she worked for pharmaceutical advertising agency William Douglas McAdams.
In 1951 Fujikawa became a full-time freelancer and about five years later was approached by juvenile editor Debra Dorfman at Grosset & Dunlap to illustrate Robert Louis Stevenson's "A Child's Garden of Verses". This was her first published children's book in 1957. Babies, the first book both written and illustrated by Fujikawa in 1963, was also one of the earliest children's books to use multi-racial characters, a consistent feature across her body of work.
Fujikawa's books have been reprinted for mass-market and published worldwide. Her most popular books, Babies, Baby Animals, A to Z Picture Book and Oh!, What A Busy Day!, unfailingly represent a happy, detailed version of childhood. Her joyous illustrations remain sweet and nostalgic, without ever becoming overly saccharine. Her paintings of children are recognizable for round happy faces, rosy cheeks and simple dot eyes. Discussing her respect for her audience, she said:
"In illustrating for children, what I relish most is trying to satisfy the constant question in the back of my mind--will this picture capture a child's imagination? What can I do to enhance it further? Does it help to tell a story? I am far from being successful (whatever that means), but I am ever so grateful to small readers who find 'something' in any book of mine."
Fujikawa died on November 26, 1998, in New York Hospital. Although she had been engaged at the age of 19, she never married.[7]
[edit]Other work

Fujikawa's notable commercial clients included Beech-Nut baby food and Eskimo Pie, creating the round-faced child icon for the ice cream treat. She created six stamps for the United States Post Office, including the 1997 32¢ "yellow rose" self-adhesive stamp and the United States-Japan Treaty ratification centenary stamp of 1960.[7] Fujikawa was a life member of the Society of Illustrators.[8]

United States-Japan Treaty centenary stamp

Plant for a More Beautiful America Cherry Blossom stamp


[edit]Written and illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa
Babies, 1963
Baby Animals, 1963
A to Z Picture Book, 1974
Let's Eat, 1975
Let's Play, 1975
Puppies, Pussycats, and Other Friends, 1975
Sleepy Time, 1975
Oh, What a Busy Day!, 1976
Babies of the Wild, 1977
Betty Bear's Birthday, 1977
Can You Count? New York, 1977
Our Best Friends, 1977
Millie's Secret, 1978
Let's Grow A Garden, 1978
My Favorite Thing, 1978
Surprise! Surprise!, 1978
Come Follow Me to the Secret World of Elves and Fairies and Gnomes and Trolls, 1979
Jenny Learns A Lesson, 1980
Welcome Is a Wonderful Word, 1980
Come Out and Play, 1981
Dreamland, 1981
Fairyland, 1981
Faraway Friends, 1981
The Flyaway Kite, 1981
Good Morning!, 1981
Here I Am, 1981
Jenny and Jupie, 1981
The Magic Show, 1981
Make-Believe, 1981
My Animal Friends, 1981
One, Two, Three, A Counting Book, 1981
Shags Has a Dream, 1981
Mother Goose, 1981
A Tiny Word Book, 1981
Year In, Year Out, 1981
Jenny and Jupie to the Rescue, 1982
Fraidy Cat, 1982
Me Too! New York, 1982
Sam's All-Wrong Day, 1982
Shags Finds a Kitten, 1983
That's Not Fair, 1983
Are You My Friend Today?, 1988
Sunny Books: Four Favorite Tales, 1989
Ten Little Babies, 1989
See What I Can Be!, 1990
Good Night, Sleep Tight, Shh, 1990
Fariy Tales And Fables"
[edit]Illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa
A Child's Garden of Verses, 1957, by Robert Louis Stevenson
The Night Before Christmas, 1961, by Clement C. Moore
Mother Goose, 1968
A Child's Book of Poems, 1969
Fairy Tales and Fables, 1970
Poems for Children, 1980
Baby Mother Goose, 1989
Poems for Small Friends, 1989
Baby Animal Pictures For Kids
Baby Animal Pictures For Kids
Baby Animal Pictures For Kids
Baby Animal Pictures For Kids
Baby Animal Pictures For Kids
Baby Animal Pictures For Kids
Baby Animal Pictures For Kids
Baby Animal Pictures For Kids
Baby Animal Pictures For Kids
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